5 items to hunt for room decor at low prices

5 items to hunt for room decor at low prices

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The era of flea markets and garage sales is August! It is therefore more than ever the opportunity to locate good decorative deals, both retro and inexpensive, to charm the interior and make it change air before the start of the school year. Focus on the bedroom with our top 5 objects to hunt for (and divert)!

Layered travel trunks = a bedside table

In terms of good finds to make over the flea markets, old travel trunks are a safe bet. And for good reason, in the decoration, we tear them away like hotcakes, their authentic version of the trip and their look of old-fashioned globetrotter having built their success. In the bedroom, the best idea is to stack 2 or 3 next to the bed to improvise a sophisticated bedside table…

A faded ladder = a trendy jewelry holder

Ladders are trendy! So, if we are lucky enough to come face to face with a worn-out model, we don't hesitate, we take it. A brushstroke and paint later, you will have at your disposal a fashion accessory holder on a human scale where to hang in style, pumps (by the heels), scarves, sunglasses, necklaces and earrings. Chic, right?

The pages of an old book = an unusual wall decor

Beware of old books displayed in garage sales whose title does not arouse your curiosity. You could end up buying them, not to read them, but to decorate! And it's not a joke. By detaching and framing like works of art, their prettiest pages slightly yellowed by time (texts or illustrations), the wall decor could easily be under the spell.

A workshop lamp = an offset wall light

If you come across a craftsman's or artist's lamp from the past, why not give it a second life by upgrading it? Indeed, instead of adopting it as an articulated fixture to hang, hang it on the wall like an offset wall lamp, and the effect will be doubly successful.

Rattan baskets = charming storage

The rattan baskets that used to be used for shopping, picking, and more can now be reinterpreted as authentic, original storage. Become a real tote, we organize what we want: jewelry, clean sheets, books, plaids, cushions… Our practical decoration videos


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