A cot bumper: safety first!

A cot bumper: safety first!

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When baby bedtime strikes, remember to equip yourself well. The safety of the little ones is priceless, it is important to protect their bed from a bumper which will allow them to feel like in a cocoon. Here is a shopping to help you choose it.

Why a cot bumper in the nursery?

Your little one's bed should be a reassuring and secure place for your child to sleep through the night without incident and for you to fall asleep with peace of mind. For this, consider investing in a bumper that will allow him to feel protected. In addition to creating a comforting environment like a cozy nest, the bumper prevents your child from getting stuck an arm or a leg through the bars. Likewise, when your baby has a restless sleep, this prevents him from banging his head against the hard walls of the bed.

Decorative side

Often decorated with colorful drawings or joyful scenes, the decorated bumper pads will amuse baby when they fall asleep. Rabbits, sheep, stars will feed his imagination and allow him to invent stories that will gently take him to the land of dreams. Quite often quilted, it is enough to install them to tie them to the bars of the bed. Surrounded by soft cushions, the bed seems more welcoming and creates a more reassuring environment, ideal for him to fall asleep gently. Discover immediately our shopping for a secure and decorative baby room! Our practical children's bedroom videos