Which insulation to choose for a dry heating floor?

Which insulation to choose for a dry heating floor?

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Answer: a wet screed in most cases, a dry screed associated with a thin insulating slab in case of problems with the reservation height.

The installation of a wet screed is the standard method for coating the circuit of the heated floors, but it can happen that the configuration of the housing or the room, implies to use another process: the dry screed. This is especially the case in renovations, where there is a problem with the reservation height (the minimum height) necessary to install the heated floor. This is where the dry screed comes in as it breaks records of thinness, which lightens the whole system. For this thin screed, just as thin insulation should be provided. The insulating slab can be made of the same materials as for conventional insulating slabs (polystyrene or polyurethane) of heated floors, the thinnest being approximately 10 mm. You too, send us your decoration question Our practical DIY videos