Step by step: plant leeks

Step by step: plant leeks

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With its long bicolour cask, leek is one of the star vegetables of winter during which it decorates soups, stews, savory pies ... It is also delicious as a starter, cooked and seasoned with a simple vinaigrette. For a harvest at the end of the year, transplanting is done from May to July. Leeks are transplanted at the stage where the plants measure the diameter of a pen. If you have not sown and you are buying your plants, favor bundles rather than individual pots ... the cost is incomparable! If the bunch leeks that you find seem a little dried out, do not neglect them to the extent this conditioning allows an immediate transplanting. Difficulty : average Cost : about 7 € the bunch of 25 leeks ready to transplant Necessary tools : - A mop - A watering can - A cord - A knife, pruning shears or a pair of scissors

Step 1: Dry your plants in the sun

The leek has a formidable enemy, which it is difficult to protect: it is the ringworm, a small worm that infiltrates the heart of the barrel by creating galleries. When the infection is well advanced, the foot becomes unfit for consumption and it only remains to cut it close to the ground in the hope of healthy regrowth. It is therefore useful to think of this inconvenience from planting! Two preventive approaches coexist: - Exposure to the sun of young plants, for 1 to 2 days, so as to harden them - A bath of a quarter of an hour in a solution of bleached water (count a glass for a watering can ) If you bought seedlings in bare-rooted boots, this step of exposure to the sun is not necessary: ​​you can transplant your plants without waiting.

Step 2: Dress the plants

This term of dressing indicates a simple operation which consists in shortening the size of the roots in order to stimulate the appearance of new rootlets. This is explained by the weak root system of the leek, which is only a few centimeters underground. In the same way, the foliage is dressed so as to prevent the evaporation of water by the leaves. Shorten: - The foliage in half or at the beginning of the green of the foliage (your plants ready to plant will measure approximately 5 cm) - The roots to approximately 2 cm To do this, use either a pruner, a knife or scissors, and prepare small batches of plants that you will dress at the same time with a single gesture.

Step 3: Prepare the ground

Leeks are planted in clean, loosened soil. They appreciate a rich soil: a contribution of compost in the fall before planting is welcome. Note that the leek is a gourmet vegetable, which should not be planted two consecutive years on the same site.

Step 4: Trace the grooves

Attach a line - here a simple wire stretched between two stakes - to draw straight furrows. Draw grooves 15 cm deep, spaced 30 cm apart. This depth makes it possible to obtain beautiful "whites" of leeks, by gradually filling in the furrows during the hoeing.

Step 5: Transplant the plants

Place the plants at the bottom of the furrow, every 10 cm on the row. As a standard, you can use the head of your planter or - as here - the width of your hand.
Make a slight hole in which you will insert the plant.
Tamp at the base of the feet to prevent them from coming off during the watering that follows.

Step 6: Water

Water after planting, using the watering can pear to finish packing the soil and prevent large clumps from forming. Subsequently, water during hot weather. You can mulch the leeks to limit the evaporation of water and the appearance of unwanted weeds.

Step 6: Butte the leeks

During their growth, butte your plants by bringing back soil to their feet during hoeing. In this way, you will increase the proportion of the white part of the foot, that which corresponds to the underground part of the leek and which is the most popular in cooking.


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