Why have I had humidity problems since I changed my windows?

Why have I had humidity problems since I changed my windows?

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Answer: three factors to check regarding your new glazing.

Humidity is a phenomenon of condensation. Water infiltration, damp rises from the floor, or air saturated with water vapor in your bathroom, condenses on the cold walls of your glazing. The presence of condensation on new glazing should encourage you to examine three factors: your new windows are damaged. You have not chosen glazing with sufficient insulating value. Or your gasket has an anomaly and is leaking. Once these three checks have been carried out with your installer, if you keep humidity problems, it is a question of renewing the air in your room. If the humidity is linked to a specific and determined event, open your window to ventilate. But on a daily basis, this technique is not enough. You should check that your ventilation is not blocked. Other options: install a VMC - controlled mechanical ventilation - or a silica moisture absorber. You too, send us your brico question