How to create a pond in the attic?

How to create a pond in the attic?

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Question from Véronique:


Answer: insulate the roof well and install Velux® for ventilation in addition to mechanical ventilation

Hello Véronique, you want to build a bedroom and a bathroom in the attic, above your garage. To do this, first think of insulating the roof and walls perfectly with glass wool and Placo®. Then put a Velux® in each of the rooms to allow good ventilation and the entry of light. In addition, you will need to install a mechanical, dual-flow ventilation, which is a ventilation system that breathes fresh air into dry rooms such as bedrooms and extracts it from damp rooms such as bathrooms, cooking… thus forming a circuit. The air in the rooms will therefore be renewed and the humidity level of the bathroom regulated. Finally, on the floor, opt for carpet or floating parquet in the bedroom and a parquet-style lino in the bathroom. Find out all the editorial questions


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