6 mistakes to avoid with a four-poster bed

6 mistakes to avoid with a four-poster bed

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Mistake # 1: use the canopy bed only for princess rooms

Although it is mainly used in rooms with a girly atmosphere, no, the four poster bed is not just for little girls who love Snow White and Cinderella and who want a princess decor in their room!

Incredible but true: the canopy bed can easily find its place in any room style, whether you want a classic, baroque or even very contemporary atmosphere. To adapt it to your style, you just have to play on the shape of the canopy bed, opting for a more or less refined model.

Mistake # 2: reserving the four-poster bed for large rooms

Contrary to what one might think, the canopy bed is not necessarily a piece of furniture that is only suitable for large rooms. Indeed, if it allows to bring height in a room with a beautiful surface, it will also be ideal to give breadth to a small room.

Yes, its large size and vertical columns can play on the proportions by creating a trompe l'oeil effect that will resize your room to lengthen and enlarge it visually.
If you install a canopy bed in a small room, you will just be careful not to choose an overloaded model and not to obstruct openings like doors and windows.

Mistake # 3: Considering metal as the only option

If we often have in mind the image of wrought iron canopy bed, be aware that there are also models in other materials that will allow you to create different atmospheres ... and perhaps a little less strict and classic.

By choosing a wooden canopy bed for example, you can bet on a chalet atmosphere; and if you choose it in clean lines, you will get a very design and trendy Scandinavian atmosphere.

Mistake n ° 4: automatically dressing the sheer bed

If traditionally the canopy bed was dressed in heavy curtains and large draperies to protect the sleeper from the cold, today curtains and curtains are mainly a question of decoration ... and are therefore 100% optional!

For a changing style, you can therefore choose light curtains to give a romantic style to the room, but also make the choice not to dress the canopy in order to offer it a more contemporary and less girly style.

Mistake # 5: sticking the canopy to the bedroom wall

The canopy bed is not quite a classic bed, so it would be a shame not to leave enough room for it to make its little - even big - decorative effect in the bedroom.

Rather than placing your canopy bed directly against a wall, install it in the center of the room: it will reveal its full potential and will become the centerpiece of the room thanks to its exceptional volume and aesthetics.

Mistake # 6: Leaving the four-poster bed inside

Scoop: the canopy bed does not only have its decorative effect inside the house! Indeed, the designers have declined this exceptional bed in an outdoor version which allows you to stroll in the garden in a contemporary canopy in wood or woven resin.

A real must in summer, especially by the pool!


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