Ibride: the creation workshop in the image of creators

Ibride: the creation workshop in the image of creators

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Ibride is the story of three people. Rachel Convers, Benoît Convers and Carine Janin. They form a very balanced trio which seeks to infuse more than character or presence into objects. A graphic and offbeat design, a spooky, funny and sensitive universe. If you don't know Ibride yet, you might love their funny animal objects!

Both editor and creator

This trio chose self-publishing in order to be able to carefully manufacture small original collections that can be described as author's design. They have only one philosophy: sensitive objects which modify the usual perception by a game of double function. Ibride is one of the handful of French self-publishers who can boast of having autonomy and complete freedom in their artistic and commercial directions!

Crossings between furniture and animals!

We could define Ibride's creations as half animal and half human. Nature has been their playground since 1996 because it all started in a workshop attached to their family home in the heart of the forest. Named "company furniture", this collection includes animals cut in half which are then reworked to become furniture. This 2004 collection then gave birth to a SULTAN dog stool, a BAMBI doe dresser or even a DIVA console-ostrich! The latter was also awarded the Discovery Prize at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris in 2005.

Collaborations with big names

Ibride worked for a long time for HABITAT, which notably commissioned a series of "Akina" mugs that became a best seller. This early collaboration was a driving force for the development of the trio. Ibride has also produced a series of seven universes that adorned the end-of-year gift boxes for the KENZO perfume brand, the best-selling brand in France and around the world!

The Ibride style

Ibride's products come from the fusion of form and graphics. Ibride's graphics are far from being a simple motif, placed on the object: it is intimately linked to the object itself and reinforces its meaning. Ibride's objects tell a story and therefore have something very personal. Nevertheless, people of all cultures are found in these objects and these images! The poetic graphics that adorn the Ibride creations mix influences and eras to create improbable encounters between past and present, real and imaginary.


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