How is the drying of a wall?

How is the drying of a wall?

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Answer: the magnetic fields inverted, the water returns to the ground.

The drying out of a wall is one of the methods which can act on the origins of humidity problems, when these are caused by capillary surges or by hydrostatic pressure. Operating on the principle of electro-osmosis, the operation takes place with what is called a drying plant. It is actually an electronic box equipped with electrodes. These are placed in the wall, at different heights, and interconnected. The central unit sends electrical impulses to reverse the polarity of the magnetic fields on the wall: the water which had previously risen simply returns to the ground. This natural process has the great advantage of not damaging the walls. The wall drying treatment is effective from one month to one year. These are copper probes that monitor its evolution. Certain precautions must however be taken, especially when drilling the holes for the electrodes: avoid electrical installations and drainage pipes! You too, send us your DIY question.