Pastel colors meet the decor

Pastel colors meet the decor

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We often tell you the decor closely follows fashion. It is therefore quite normal to see pastel shades take possession of our walls, textiles and accessories. Also after the madness of the Color block, this season we will have to bet on the softness of the pastel colors. Sweet pink, lavender blue, almond green or lilac mauve infuse a romantic atmosphere full of sweetness.

Colors borrowed from art

The pastel shades get their name from the colorful sticks used to paint or draw. Often diluted with water, they give the drawing a very clear, slightly transparent tone. It is this very characteristic opaline shade that we find today in decoration and fashion. Very appreciated by the Impressionists, pastels especially knew their golden age in the 18th century with Maurice Quentin de La Tour or Jean Siméon Chardin. Today we still love them on paintings but especially in our decor and more specifically on walls and accessories.

The whole house is touched by pastel colors

The rooms of the house soften under the influence of these colors. But know that his favorite room is undoubtedly the bedroom where the pastel diffuses all its softness. Perfect for rest and relaxation!

Adopt pastel colors on walls with paint and wallpaper

Paint manufacturers such as Dulux Valentine, with its Lapland range, and even Resource have taken advantage of the trend to offer paintings with highly evocative names. Also in the entrance, you will be tempted by a Sky blue from Ressource or a white lapland Laponie Pastel. Likewise for the wallpaper, which has not remained on the fringes of this movement and which even affixes plant motifs to it embellished with birds, as for example from The English manufacturer of paints and dyes Little Greene.

What about accessories?

From bed linen to the fridge, including household appliances or decorative items such as lamps, cushions, candles or dishes, everything goes! Spearheading this trend, brands like Ferm Living, RED Edition or Mushkane, followed closely by major brands like Maisons du monde or Fly. And if you want to go even further, furniture also indulges in this trend. At Tolix, for example, chair A has a very beautiful pastel blue, just like the famous Jieldé lamp which comes in a palette of very gourmet colors ranging from water green, pastel blue to candy pink.

But why these tones?

The advent of the 1950s in decoration has brought this trend for pastel shades up to date. Very popular at that time, they hunted the dark years known during the war. And no wonder that in this period of crisis we want to put a little sweetness in our daily life by using these quiet colors. We can already tell you that in reaction black also makes its appearance. And yes that's the trend!