Video: maintain your camellias

Video: maintain your camellias

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Camellia is a shrub native to tropical Asia which also finds its place in Europe and therefore in France. Lover of mild climates, it flowers most often in spring but also in autumn, and sports flowers reminiscent of roses, peonies or carnations. However, it is very sensitive to cold and requires very specific maintenance, which on the other hand only takes a very short time. Yvon Vésier, gardener, enlightens you on the subject.

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After a harsh winter, the damage to the camellias is generally quite significant. Especially if the cold has been accompanied by snowfall. When this is the case, the leaves and buds fall off, but it is strongly advised not to prune the shrub immediately. On the contrary, it is imperative to wait until the end of May, or even the beginning of June. The plant will then rebuild itself, and if the following winter is mild, it will sport beautiful flowers afterwards.


Although the camellia is not a fan of winter temperatures, it does not make him a lover of hot weather either. Indeed, he particularly likes shaded areas, or with little sun, as long as the latter is not hot. During this period of high temperatures, remember to water your camellias regularly. Please note, this operation must be done with lime-free water! This plant has a slight preference for acidic soils. Limestone therefore slows its development, and too much can even be fatal.

The rest of the year

Outside these specific periods, the camellia does not require special care. If winter promises to be harsh, you can possibly wrap it in a winter veil to prevent it from freezing. Now that you know how to maintain a camellia, all you have to do is flower your garden, and set aside a few hours a year to take care of it! Find Maintain a camellia on Produced by Minute Facile.


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