Mistakes to Avoid in the Construction of Your Swimming Pool

Mistakes to Avoid in the Construction of Your Swimming Pool

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It is not enough to want a swimming pool to jump into the water in the blink of an eye! Your project will require a lot of thought and rigor for it to go off without a hitch ... and certain errors throughout the project and in the construction may well put an end to your sweet dream of swimming so ... know how to avoid them!

Do not forget to declare the construction work of your pool

Before starting any work whatsoever, there are administrative formalities to be observed. Your project must be the subject of a building permit application file or a prior declaration of work to the Town Planning Service of your town hall or to the Departmental Direction of Equipment since its realization depends on several town planning rules (local town planning plan, etc.)

Make no mistake about the location of your pool

Again, it will not be enough to want to position your pool where you want. Its location is essential in terms of project feasibility, safety and user comfort, which is why a topographic study is essential. The nature and the inclination of the soil (rocky, clayey, flat or sloping ...) will have consequences on the drainage, on the stability and the solidity of the project. You will also need to take into account the orientation of your pool with respect to the sun at various times of the day for sunshine and therefore maximum natural heating. Take into account the direction of the winds which will have an impact on water cooling, water pollution (tree leaves, flying waste…) and the filtration system. Pay attention to the proximity of large trees and their drop shadows, their powerful roots which can damage the foundations and the maintenance nuisance that their drooping leaves can cause. Finally, think about the impact of your pool on the neighborhood (vis-à-vis, noise pollution ...) and position it accordingly!

Don't neglect security issues

Whether in the choice of materials used to build your pool, in the various stages of construction: earthworks, drainage, laying of pipes, or even in terms of prevention against drowning, it's all about safety. Your project must be solid and sustainable, which is why calling on professionals remains the best solution. To find the professional who will suit your project, ask for several quotes, go and visit projects made by themselves, check the after-sales service and the guarantees offered and give priority to professionals who are members of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals.

Do not sign the acceptance and filling report before having made a meticulous check

This inventory with the builder is mandatory when your pool is finished. Check all the information on the document. It must be a real identity card for your swimming pool: characteristics, coatings, origin of the water, type of water treatment, filtration systems, safety equipment ... Now is the time to check that everything is fine been carried out in the rules and that everything works perfectly! Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.