How to unclog a pipe with a ferret?

How to unclog a pipe with a ferret?

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Answer: You may have to dismantle the siphon.

The ferret is the ideal tool for unclogging a pipe. It is much more effective than a suction cup and much less harmful than any chemical. It is extremely practical, since it can be inserted into any pipe thanks to its long and flexible rod. Its corkscrew-shaped rod makes it easy to pierce the most stubborn corks. You must start by removing the siphon from the blocked pipe. If it is bent, then there is no need to disassemble it. However if it is straight or even flat, you will have to disassemble it. Regarding the shower screens, they generally have a built-in siphon that just needs to be opened to access the pipe. Once the siphon removed, unclog the pipe by inserting the ferret. You will feel the resistance of the cap give way. Then reassemble the siphon and test the pipe. You too, send us your brico question