Video: customize a chandelier with Christmas balls

Video: customize a chandelier with Christmas balls

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Heaven! The holiday decor climbs to the ceiling! The idea: hang a divinely decorated chandelier above the Christmas Eve table or in the living room. A size detail that will make the difference in your rhinestone and glitter decor ...

Watch the video :

video id = "0" / Level: easy Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 35 € Necessary material : a chandelier + Christmas balls


- Unscrew the bulbs and sockets of the chandelier - Fix the chandelier in height to decorate it - Place transparent balls in place of the bulbs - Then hang on the structure of the chandelier, other transparent balls, large, then small, as well as transparent drops - Decorate the chain of the chandelier with a silver gray ribbon - Camouflage the colored wires with paint Decorative tips: use transparent fishing line to hang the suspensions, which will save you from going through the "camouflage" step! Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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