Creative hobbies: a real craze!

Creative hobbies: a real craze!

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Until 25 November, the Créations et Savoir-faire trade fair welcomes all creative leisure enthusiasts! A true social phenomenon, the Do It Yourself is a hit and places us all as creators of tomorrow. According to a study by Little Market (creators' market place), 83% of French respondents believe that buying by hand is the guarantee of buying a quality product. So as much to say that you particularly appreciate making your objects to be sure of the quality! In such a crisis, the handmade appears as a real safe haven but also a way to stand out from standardized and soulless products. You are more and more numerous to use the technique of cartonnage to create your objects, to highlight your photos with the scrapbooking and create your own plaids in knitting ! And that's good ! The good news is that the market is growing and that you will not only find boutiques dedicated to handmade objects such as A Little Market or Dawanda but also spaces to support you in your creations! On the brand new A Little Mercerie site, you can buy or sell all the accessories you need for your creations. You will find the pearlescent pearls you have been looking for for so long, the ribbons to finish your creations and even colorful papers for all your activities. also supports you in creation by offering you many videos to create your own objects . On the program: a customized lamp base with scoubidou threads, objects made of origami or even a garland to create with masking tape, this new very trendy adhesive! Finally, creative leisure, more than a story of creation, it is a story of exchange between enthusiasts! Do not hesitate to visit our forum to give your tips. Practical information : Creations and Know-how Fair until November 25 in Paris A Little market A Little Mercerie Dawanda All articles by Cendrine Dominguez Photo credit: Pierre Olivier / TEVA


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