Laurie Lumière illuminates the decorative sphere

Laurie Lumière illuminates the decorative sphere

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Lighting has taken on an important dimension in the home in recent years. It now plays a major role in the enhancement of an interior and well-being at home, especially during the winter when the lack of natural light is felt most. It is in this spirit that the Laurie Lumière brand is developing: a guide and advisor, the French brand brings a tailor-made solution to each of its customers for suitable and harmonious lighting. With luminaires of all styles and more than 2,000 references, Laurie Lumières offers a new way of imagining lighting as a whole: light / decoration.


Founded in 1982, Laurie Lumière opened its first store the same year in the south of France. It developed over the following decades by inaugurating numerous points of sale throughout the territory: the French brand now has 57! Very quickly, Laurie Lumière positioned herself as a real lighting advisor, offering personalized solutions to sculpt and enhance her interior using different light sources. By offering services such as the free loan of lighting for 48 hours, the bulb warranty for 2 to 5 years or even the decoration workshops, the French brand becomes an ally of choice for undecided customers. In order to make it easier to choose the right light, Laurie Lumière has opted to distribute its models in 6 distinct ranges, affiliated with a decorative style in tune with the times: City loft, Eco design, No Limits, Family house , Rive droite / Rive gauche and Little Laurie. So whatever their preferences - ethnic, charming or contemporary decor - the brand offers an eclectic range of original sconces, lamps and floor lamps. The garden and "technical" lighting (bathroom, library, etc.) are not forgotten, however, with several dedicated collections, from the most classic to the most design.

Personalized coaching

To complete its approach as a lighting consultant, Laurie Lumière launched a decoration blog a few months ago ( For the first time in the world of lighting, a brand is putting its expertise at the service of decoration enthusiasts by offering support for interior design. A decoration coach responds to Internet users and gives sound advice to optimize its interior and exterior lighting. The blog also offers style boards mixing colors, furniture and lighting: current trends are deciphered, allowing you to choose the common thread of your decor style. Finally for design enthusiasts, Laurie Lumière retraces the history of decoration icons. Each month, the brand highlights a mythical piece of furniture or lighting, detailing the best way to showcase it at home. Your keyboards !