Choose blue for the child's room

Choose blue for the child's room

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Blue is not just for little boys. On the contrary, it is a color of choice for children's rooms thanks to its softness and soothing properties.

Blue: positive and trendy

According to chromotherapy, which recognizes the virtues of each color, blue is the ideal color for a bedroom because it soothes and helps promote sleep. Besides this kind of quality, blue is also a very trendy color which is very appreciated in the world of the house. Reassuring, it has many nuances that allow it to adapt to each style.

Blue for children

For children, we can choose a different shade depending on whether it is a girl's or boy's room. For a girl, we can bet on a very soft pastel blue for a romantic atmosphere and for boys we can choose a more intense blue like turquoise or even electric blue. You can paint the entire room to create a soothing bubble or paint a single wall to bring a touch of color to the room. You will then find many accessories to make reminders in the decoration. Curtains, lamps, armchair or desk will easily find their place in the bedroom. Finally, know that blue goes very well with other natural soft colors like gray or beige but also with red to create a more original atmosphere for boys for example. Do not hesitate to involve your child in the choice of shade of blue.