Video: treat a geranium with discolored leaves

Video: treat a geranium with discolored leaves

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If you notice that the leaves of your geranium discolour, act quickly. On this sequence, Jacques, one of the experts from The Plant Clinic, gives you explanations concerning the yellowing or even total discoloration of your geranium. Follow the analysis and advice from our expert, on video!

Question from the user

<< Bonjour. En plein été, après un beau printemps, mon géranium a vu ses feuilles se décolorer. Que faire pour le printemps prochain ? >>

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Auscultation and diagnosis

Geranium beautifies the garden in summer especially if it is planted in the ground as in the video! However, this pretty plant does not do well when its leaves turn yellow or turn brown. This discoloration of the leaves can occur before the flowering period. A water supply problem can be the cause of this phenomenon. It is not a deficiency of main elements, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The problem lies elsewhere. A geranium whose flowers become discolored rather lacks trace elements. These are not always present in the soil.

Some recommendations

Since the discoloration of the geranium leaves is due to a deficiency, it is essential to remedy it. The simplest solution is to buy a deficiency corrector in a garden store. For it to do wonderfully, a geranium needs a constant supply of vitamins. No matter what type of geranium you have among the 200 species that exist, it will explode with health thanks to this tip communicated by our expert. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Also discover how to transform your balcony into a small garden.