Focus on the vanity units in the bathroom

Focus on the vanity units in the bathroom

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It will hide unsightly pipes in an old bathroom, it will provide additional storage space, it will be the friend of small bathrooms, it will adapt to all styles of decoration and it will spare your door -monnaie… In short, the vanity unit has it all!

Its advantages in a few lines

With its well thought-out cutouts, the vanity unit fits most washbasins. It will therefore allow you to remove the base or the wall pipes, not frankly aesthetic from your sink, to give the illusion of a complete set. However, this piece of furniture remains completely independent of the sink, which makes it easy to change it if you want to change your bathroom style. Its closets or niches and even drawers will allow you to place handy toiletries that you use most often, and you will gain a small additional storage space very practical, especially if your bathroom is reduced in size. For larger bathrooms, be aware that more and more vanity units are now available suitable for two sinks. Finally, as it is generally a piece of furniture to install yourself under the sink, you will buy it to mount yourself and it will therefore necessarily prove to be cheaper than a fully integrated washbasin!

A question of style…

In terms of decoration, the vanity unit adapts very easily: natural, Zen, or seaside look in light or painted wood, exotic atmosphere with dark wood, ultra contemporary with a lacquered finish, pop style with lacquered Flashy colors… You will find these small pieces of furniture in many very different styles and for all tastes!


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