Can I connect a toilet bowl instead of a bathtub?

Can I connect a toilet bowl instead of a bathtub?

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Answer: no, the drain of a bathtub is smaller and the installation would not comply with current standards.

The connection of toilets to wastewater is currently made with a standard 100 mm PVC drainage pipe, sometimes less (80 mm) in old buildings. It is unlikely that your bathtub will have a drain of this capacity. At first glance, it can be estimated that the evacuation of waste water from a bathtub is two to three times lower than that necessary for toilets, so this connection operation is very difficult, if not impossible technically. In addition, it would pose serious practical problems leading to: waterlogging, plugs, and other water damage in your pond. Finally, the installation would not even comply with the standards in force. So for all these reasons, to avoid. You too, send us your brico question