Change dishes with the "Empty your cupboards" operation

Change dishes with the "Empty your cupboards" operation

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Today, the art of the table borrows from fashion its regular desires for change. We like to have dishes that play and adapt to the seasons or to special events like Christmas, Easter, birthdays. With the arrival of spring and its traditional "big cleaning", we invite you to the "Empty your cupboards" operation. For each kilo of your old dishes brought back, you will receive a reduction voucher of 5 euros while supporting a solidarity action. A beautiful initiative in which I strongly invite you to participate.

How it works ?

Organized by the Confederation of Tableware, the "Empty your cupboards" operation invites you to return your old dishes to nearly 600 points of sale (Find the store closest to you on the website ). For each kilogram delivered, you will then receive a reduction voucher of 5 euros to be used on the purchase of new dishes from the participating brands. Old plates, old glasses, old cutlery, whether porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, glass or steel, everything that is useful for setting the table can be given if you are clean! Each voucher received can then be used until May 10 in the store that gave it to you.

"Empty your cupboards", a solidarity operation

In addition to making you happy, you contribute to a great solidarity operation. The dishes you bring back will be offered to beneficiary families accompanied in the branches of the French Red Cross. It will also be used in vesti-boutiques, solidarity stores where many products are sold at symbolic prices to promote reintegration and empowerment. Need or want new dishes? Do not hesitate ! There is bound to be a point of sale near you. Until April 12 More info: