"Déco recup", a book full of ideas to give a second life to your furniture

"Déco recup", a book full of ideas to give a second life to your furniture

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Rather than throwing away old furniture and objects, Nathalie Kaïd, decorator, visual artist and photographer, revamps them. In her new book "decor recovery", she gives us her secrets of customization to reproduce at home. It's our turn to give you 3 good reasons to flash for this collection of DIY ideas.

Deco recovery, trendy decoration

First reason to want to offer yourself or the book "deco recup '": to be part of the top trend of furniture and objects to customize oneself. Original, anti-waste and not expensive at all, this method of decoration has something to seduce any aspiring handyman. The best and most economical way to give new life to aged furniture or objects, abandoned in the cellar, in the attic or simply intended for the bin.

Easy to follow steps

Second reason to fall for this book? Its 48 decorative recycling lessons explained step by step, with the necessary equipment and the techniques to be used. On the menu, we find, for example, the makeover of a lampshade, the rejuvenation of a wooden piece of furniture, the metamorphosis of a wine case into a shelf, old chairs to skate or even a table intended for breakage. to cover with mosaic.

An illustrated before / after

Another good point of the book? Her before / after photos. Convenient to know what the final creations look like before you go home! The recovered workshop can now begin. Déco Recover 'by Nathalie Kaïd, published by Eyrolles, € 25. For more info, direction: editions-eyrolles.com