Harlequin, a colorful brand

Harlequin, a colorful brand

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Harlequin is the essential brand to offer a whirlwind of trendy wallpapers. The British label of international stature is one of the specialists in the interior environment based on the perfect harmony between wallpapers and fabrics, design or classics, highly colored. Wall decoration as versatile as it is eclectic, has never been so artistic, mixing classic and contemporary with talent.

The English brand with an international reputation

This great publisher of fabrics and wallpapers achieves prowess thanks to exceptional know-how and the use of a cutting-edge technique dating from the beginning of the 19th century. The result is breathtaking: the relief prints seem to have been placed on the wall by the hand of an artist, like real trompe-l'oeil. Thus, the publisher can offer a range of amazing prints available in extremely varied colors. Interior decoration becomes tailor-made, each one being able to personalize their home according to their own vibrations. The British label brings a touch of luxury, sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, and wins all the votes, authorizing a total makeover of the interior decor.

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A label recognized by architects and designers

The high performance of Harlequin furnishing fabrics and wallpapers make the British label a benchmark for contemporary architects and designers. The most beautiful fabrics are used such as the essential damask, taffeta, silk, or even velvet. Contrasting checkerboards invite themselves into new generation interior decoration when they are not Scandinavian-inspired patterns. The luxurious creations of the Harlequin fabric and wallpaper editor are called Blue, Stone or Raw Gold, symbolizing color and cheerfulness. From floral to striped, monochrome to geometric, even naive designs like in the All about me collection, the colors merge and merge in a more than perfect osmosis. From the living room to the adult bedroom, from the child's bedroom to the games room, from the entrance to the bathroom, the house is transformed according to everyone's fantasies without ever finding any limits. Pure happiness, a real mode of expression.

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Easy to apply coverings for a great effect

Offering an easy installation, Harlequin wallpapers are non-woven. They allow the application of glue directly on the wall and not on paper. So, you don't have to be a DIY pro to transform a 20 m² room in just three hours. Resistant to any test, the Harlequin creations do not pass under the rays of the sun or the bursts of the moon. On the other hand, Harlequin fabrics meet international standards for fireproofing. Their quality is exceptional and their fall is absolutely perfect. They dress windows and bay windows and unite, in a marriage without false note, in the urban chic style. We understand why Harlequin wallpapers and fabrics are fundamental elements of decoration, combining excellence, exclusivity and innovation. Discover it in the showroom located within the prestigious Chelsea Harbor Design Center, in London.

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