Low price: an ottoman for the living room

Low price: an ottoman for the living room

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To enhance your living room with a few extra seats or even create a relaxed space that replaces the traditional sofa, the pouffe will grab your attention! Easy to move, very decorative and at low prices, the pouffe can only seduce you.

The different poufs

You should know that there are two styles of poufs. The first is a low ottoman that can be used to sit without a backrest as well as to extend your legs when you are installed in the sofa. There is also the pear-shaped pouffe inspired by Zanotta's Sacco which contains small polystyrene beads that follow all your movements. Since 1968, a whole generation has loved to sit comfortably in the beanbags to be free to move around. And today, it is still as successful in our interiors! Also, installing poufs in the living room can enhance its decoration while providing additional seating at prices much more attractive than those of an armchair or sofa. You can thus use them to make everyone sit around the coffee table but also to create a reading or TV corner in the living room.

An ottoman for each style

You will find many models in very different colors to adapt to your style: gray for a designer interior, red for a pop interior ... Note that there are also poufs with patterns with flowers or inscriptions and even New York buildings. Finally, if you want your poufs to adapt to your needs, you can also opt for models that can also be installed outside. They will follow you to your garden furniture! Discover our selection of bean bags at low prices: