How to define the size of your solar panels?

How to define the size of your solar panels?

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Answer: according to your possibilities, but above all to your needs.

If you have opted, as more and more French people, for the installation of solar panels, a criterion is mainly to take into account when choosing their dimensions, which applies to both photovoltaic and thermal solar panels. The main criterion to take into account to define the size of your solar panels is the use you want to make of it. Between a thermal panel to supply only a water heater or photovoltaic panels to supply an "all electric" housing, the dimensions will obviously not be the same. To define the correct dimensions for your panels, you will therefore need to define their use. Other criteria such as the sunshine in your region and especially your possibilities (installation integrated into the building on one level, or small space available on a garage) will also define the size of your solar panels. video id = "0" / Our practical decoration videos


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