The suzani, a new trend for spring

The suzani, a new trend for spring

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A new recruit in the waltz of trends has just appeared. Its name: suzani. Coming from Central Asia and more precisely from Uzbekistan, he made us an eye at the last "Maison et Objet" fair and seems to be making a breakthrough in the pages of magazines and very soon in shops.

A trend from afar

Lying on the Silk Road, Uzbekistan is little known for its decoration. But for generations already, young women promoted to marriage have sewn pretty embroidery on large fabrics, with needles, which they offer to the women of their family. This is probably the reason why suzani translates to the word "needles".

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The suzani for a chic ethnic style, very popular

Very colorful, the embroidered hangings display undulating floral patterns. Flowers, stems, leaves in shimmering colors detach from the fabric to release an explosion of bright colors. At home, tame this pattern with a few cushions on the sofa More daring, but terribly cute, the Suzani AM PM armchair will have its effect in the living room or bedroom and will suddenly illuminate your room. Some brands or designers are revisiting the suzani style to offer it a more current version, such as Elephant and rose or Maison Ottoman. In any case, no need to do too much, only a few carefully chosen pieces are enough to give a boost!

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