Tutorial: an origami sun frame

Tutorial: an origami sun frame

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DIY jewelry, decoration, recuperation, and snapshots of life, the blog That's all i am is a mixture as we like it. Behind these creations are the ideas and words of Allison, a young woman full of talents. Today, we find it for an origami sun tutorial, perfect for decorating a wall or framing a mirror. "As promised, here is a small special origami DIY. A nice sun, a frame or simply a wall decoration, it's how you want. I hung it with a little piece of masking tape and that's it!"


- about twenty sheets of origami paper (you can find some here) - a little patience :)


To start, you have to build up one by one each "ray" of the sun following this folding model (the more you have, the more the structure will hold, you can go up to 20 rays). 1. We start by folding each square in half.

2. Then fold the corners along the lines that have been folded.

3. Fold two sides over themselves.

4. Make a fold back with the bottom tip and fold in half.

5. Fit the triangles into each other


And that's the job!

"I opted for an ultra-multicolored version because I found it hard to decide in the face of all my pretty papers ... And then, I really needed a good touch of color and cheerfulness!"

Thanks to Allison for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your origami sun on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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