Paris: 5 addresses around the Parmentier metro

Paris: 5 addresses around the Parmentier metro

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A few steps from the Oberkampf district, which is full of decorative addresses, the Parmentier metro is taking shape, which is no exception. This district overflows with small flea markets, vintage shops and restaurants with a retro atmosphere that are worth seeing. To guide you during a next walk, here are our 5 favorite addresses.

Flea markets of Popincourt

Do you like to stroll among old objects on Sundays? You will be served with the Brocantes de Popincourt. Here, 8 second-hand dealers have opened small shops with rather funny names: Belle Lurette, Alasinglinglin, Trolls and Puces… and offer you to taste the rare pearl at a low price. All universes rub shoulders and each flea market has specialized a little in a field. You can find a good number of sixties decorative objects, old posters, movie projectors and a lot of very kitsch oddities. Rue du Marché Popincourt, rue Neuve Popincourt and rue Turnaux - Paris 11


After picking up a few finds from Popincourt, open the door to Slize and stay in the retro theme. In a very kitsch atmosphere, portraits of Sylvester Stallone and Tony Micelli combine with old political posters and old road signs. In terms of furniture, there are beautiful industrial tables 'mixed with moumoute so 70 chairs' and an old fridge straight from the Emmaüs lounge. And the quirky side of the decor is reflected in the very concept of the place, which turns out to be the first pizzeria by the meter in the capital. We feast on inches of truffle pizza, the house specialty. 52 avenue de la République - Paris 11

At Sophie's dinette

At the same time shop and workshop, we discover at this address a universe amplified by sweetness and sweets. The string shelves and small craft furniture accommodate a multitude of accessories, bedroom linen and decorative items for children, carefully selected by the two Sophie's. We discover all the brands they like such as Madame Mo, Pipoca, Barnabé likes coffee or N ° 74. Specificity of the place, every Wednesday a cooking workshop for children is organized with recipes specially designed for them. 41 rue de la Fontaine au Roi - Paris 11


Enter the UFO vessel (UFO, in English) with a very rock decoration. This bar with a flying saucer sign reveals a very 60s look. On the decor menu: red and silver walls, pin-up photos, posters of old science fiction films that are a little doubtful and furniture in skai colored. In addition to the bar side, the UFO organizes the DIY Market several times a year. A market of original and quirky creators like the establishment a little crazy. 49 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - Paris 11

Workshop 154

For all lovers of raw materials, this is the place for you. After spending several years on the Oberkampf side, Atelier 154 moved to a much larger space towards Popincourt. Stéphane Quatresous, owner of the place and inveterate bargain hunter, offers industrial furniture. Brushed metal, oxidized steel and solid oak are at the heart of his creations. To his productions are added a choice of rare and unusual objects like original Jieldé lamps, Tolix chairs and even Abbair storage furniture. 16 rue Neuve Popincourt - Paris 11