Little sheep in my decor

Little sheep in my decor

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As winter approaches, the house has found a new decorative companion. This season, for a warm decoration, we urgently adopt a sheep in the house. Very soft and reassuring, it appeals to children as much as to their parents!

The origin of the decorative sheep

After deer and other hunting trophies, the house opens to a new animal no less decorative. If we already used to use sheep's wool or its imitation to give a cocooning style to the house through carpets and cushions, today the whole sheep makes its appearance in the decoration. Popularized by the artist François-Xavier Lalanne regularly exhibited in museums but also by Hanns Peter Krafft in 1982 who offers sheep at affordable prices to liven up the interiors. As winter approaches, the sheep returns to the front of the stage to warm our interiors.

How do we use it in decoration?

To adopt a sheep in the house, you have several possibilities. In the most abstract version, you can treat yourself to a sheepskin that you will have at the foot of the bed or on an armchair. For a little more presence in the house, you can also use the sheep as a motif. The animal is then displayed on a cushion or any decorative object. Finally, for a warm and playful decoration at the same time, we adopt the decorative animal squarely with the models of Hans Peter Krafft but also those of AM.PM who will play the decorative sculptures in the house. And if you have children, of course fall for a rocking sheep that will delight your little ones! Our practical creative leisure videos


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