Video: how to easily customize a lamp?

Video: how to easily customize a lamp?

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Have you just found an old simple lamp in your attic? Do you want to give a little shine to a classic lampshade? Thanks to Céline Leridon, discover how to easily personalize a lamp in the blink of an eye. A bright idea!

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Customize the base of the lamp

To be able to easily personalize your lamp, remove the lampshade. This will give you quicker access to the base of the lamp. To personalize this database, you can for example write the first name of the person to whom the lamp belongs or to whom you wish to offer it. For this, use felt letters. Apply glue for news: 739845 fabric to the back of each letter, then stick them on the base of the lamp. This decoration is particularly suitable if the lamp is intended for a child.

Customize the lampshade

When you have finished the base of the lamp, start customizing the lampshade. You can for example glue felt flowers all around the lampshade, using a special current glue: 739845 fabric. These flowers can of course be of different colors and different sizes. For a more polished finish, add a matching embroidered mirror in the center of each flower, which you will find in all decoration and news stores: 739845 fabric. Always apply the mirrors using news glue: 739845 fabric. Once the collage is finished, reassemble the lampshade. Your lamp is now finished. Follow Céline Leridon's tips for a modern and personalized lampshade. Watch the video How to easily customize a lamp? on Produced by Minute Facile